Want to join some hilarious, funny and witty facebook groups and like pages? Here are some of the newest and most popular facebook like pages and groups for you to join and make your friends lol! Just click on a like page to open it in a new window and then you can like the witty page or join the funny group. There are groups about drinking and being drunk, sarcastic fb pages and other hilarious facebook groups.

Packing up your revision notes after a long hard day of doing f*ck all

Avoiding becoming an adult for as long as possible

It’s not cold, said the PE teacher with a coat on

I’m not drunk, I’m just holding onto the lawn so I don’t fall off the earth

Looking in the mirror and fighting the urge to have sex with yourself

Going out for a quite one because you’re deaf

Surprised you’ve not chocked on all that bullshit coming out of your mouth

Thanks for ruining my status with your shit comment

Eating cake while crying about how fat you are

Waking up & checking your FB like it’s the morning paper


Have you joined a funny facebook group? Leave a comment below with it or send it to us so we can add it to the site!

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