1: Changing the victim’s display picture is a must.
2: Try not put your friend in a position that he’s going to get beaten up. Unless your prepared to back him up.
3: The victim is not allowed to delete ANY comments – if this is violated, another 15 minute re-rape must be performed.
4: The victim may state he has been fraped at least 2 hours after last status has been posted.
5: The word ‘Nipples’ must be used.
6: Racist or sexist comments must be used.
7: ‘I was fraped’ is an excuse for any unwanted post or comment on any profile.
8: Changing the victims sexual orientation is a must.
9: Girlfriends or fat people are the first to target.
10: You can change password to things like ‘iamgay’ but the victim must be informed after rape.

11: Give out the victims phone number.
12: Religious views must be changed to something completely different to the victims current beliefs.
13: Political views must be changed to ‘BNP’
14: Writing frape comments on their relatives walls is forbidden – especially mothers.
15: Declare that you just ate a baby.
16: If the rape is poor and nobody even like’s a status, the victim may kick the raper in the testicals/vag.
17: Changing the victims birthday to the current day is always a laugh.
18. Asking strange questions such as ‘why did i just put a grape up my bum?’ is a great alternative status.
19. Like as many pages as possible, especially weird ones.
20. Write on these pages, make statements that are going to start arguments.

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