A brand new tag your friends picture for 2011. Tag your friends, pals, mates and family as angry birds characters!

In this free to download tagging game pic for facebook, you can tag all your best fb mates as angry birds and pigs from the popular game. You can tag the green king pig, the annoying angry bird, the summer pig character, the red angry bird, the black bomb angry bird, tag the pig with the helmet, tag the girly female bird, tag the blue angry bird as the tiny one, tag the pig with the moustache, tag the xmas angry bird, the yellow angry bird and the miner pig!

To play the angry birds tagging game on facebook you have to decide which of your friends is most suited to each of the angry birds characters on the tagging board and then tag them on that character. They can then see what you’ve tagged them as and they’ll be sure to like your picture and leave comments for you.

Click the tagging picture to view the full size. Then just right click and save the image to download.

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