Fun Facebook Test How Much Are You Worth

This is a really fun facebook test survey to see how much you are worth. If you’re bored fill out this test and share the results with your friends on a facebook note. Copy and paste the below to a new facebook note: Put an X for the ones that apply to you, and...

Questions About Boys For Facebook Notes

This free facebook quiz asks you questions about boys and your boyfriends in your life. Share the answers with your friends on your facebook profile. Copy and paste the below to a new facebook note: Got a boyfriend?: Had a boy say “I love you” to you?: Been on a group...

Random Quiz Questions For Facebook Notes

This facebook test quiz has random questions about you, your life, your friends and your personality. Its fun to answer the questions if you’re bored on facebook at school or work. Show your friends your answers when you post it on your facebook profile. Copy...

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