Christmas Status Update Tagging Friends Games

If you love playing status tagging games on your Facebook, here are some great festive themed tagging games to play at xmas with your friends.

Snowball Fight Status Tagging Game

Snowball Fight! Tag 10 of your Facebook friends:
1. Throws snowballs made from yellow snow:
2. Gets bored and sticks their tongue to metal pole:
3. Hides so they won’t get hit:
4. Can’t hit anything:
5. Catches a snowball in the face:
6. Takes it too seriously, shouting at their team to play better:
7. Decides to gang up on everybody else:
8. Gets buried in the snow:
9. Stands around laughing at everyone:
10. Runs away yelling “I’m telling Mom”:

The Dysfunctional Family Xmas Status Tagging Game

Dysfunctional Family Christmas! Tag 11 of your Facebook friends:
1. Pole dances with the Christmas tree:
2. Sleeps with Santa:
3. Is Santa:
4. Spikes the eggnog with alcohol:
5. Drinks all the eggnog:
6. Punches an elf in the face:
7. The elf:
8. Burns Christmas dinner:
9. Tells all the kids Santa’s not real:
10. Makes out under the mistletoe (2 friends):

New Years Eve Party Status Tagging Game

New Years Eve Party! Tag 11 of your Facebook friends:
1. Throws the party:
2. Sets all the clocks back 1 hour:
3. Way too drunk by 8 o’clock:
4. Runs around naked at midnight:
5. Asleep long before midnight:
6. Kisses the wrong person at midnight:
7. The wrong person:
8. Eats all the food:
9. First to throw up:
10. Passes out and gets dressed in drag:
11. Left to do the clean up:

The Xmas Office Party Status Tagging Game

Christmas Office Party. Tag 10 of your Facebook friends:
1. Running around topless singing Jingle Bells:
2. Spiked the punch then drank most of it:
3. Dancing on the desk singing “Can’t Touch this”:
4. Makes prank call’s:
5. Spins around in the office chair screaming:
6. Locked in the bathroom hugging the toilet:
7. Passed out under their desk:
8. Sitting on copier making Christmas cards:
9. Throwing fruitcake at people outside:
10. Playing spin the bottle with cleaning crew:

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Christmas Status Update Tagging Friends Games

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