Here are some hilarious facebook status ideas for you to use when facebook raping your friends! All you have to do for this facebook prank, is wait until your friend or victim leaves their computer/laptop logged on to their facebook unattended. Then change their status to one of these very funny statuses!  Just copy and paste it into their status update! They won’t know their status has been changed and there will be some very funny comments from their friends waiting for them when they get back to their computer!

didn’t realise how much fun you could have with a banana

has just made a massive brown mess in the bathroom

loves touching her boobies

is considering a sex change

will strip for a tenner and a cheeky smile

wishes to do it doggy style!

has an inflamed labia

just got the std tests back

is thinking about coming out the closet

has hit a new low after having a wank in McDonalds!

has smelly fingers

“just got raped”


has just farted a used condom out her ass! what did i get up to last night!

has just fanny farted and it tickled!

has just popped a spot on his bellend!

my ass is bleeding from the raping I just got…

is feeling blue about his STI results

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