This is a really funny prank to play on facebook. Pranking your friends on facebook in this way is also known as facebook rape and facebook hijacking and is popular with uni students. All you have to do is wait til your victim (flatmate, roomate, friend or anyone else) has left their facebook logged in. Then you save one of the funny prank profile pics below and upload it to their deafult profile picture! Some of the profile pic mug shots are very funny and will get comments from all their friends!

Or you could use an embarrasing photo of your mate that you have and upload that to show all their friends!

To use one of the funny mug shot profile pictures, click the one you want to view the full size and then right click on it and choose save image as.

ugly_girl_profile_pic_for_facebook_rape funny_profile_pic_for_facebook_rape funny_picture_for_a_facebook_prank 

funny_mug_shot_facebook_prank facebook_rape_mug_shot facebook_rape_funny_mug_shot 

facebook_profile_pic_prank facebook_prank_funny_idea prank_your_facebook_friends_picture

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