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Fun Status Chain Games To Copy And Paste To Your Facebook Status Update

Be honest, what do you want from me? 1=A baby 2=Another chance 3=Love 4=A Kiss 5=Friendship 6=Sex 7=Lap dance 8=Marriage 9=A cuddle

 The 1st person to like this status will be my profile pic for the day! 2nd person to like this status – their last name will be my last name for 2 days! 3rd person to like this status can dare me to do one thing. 4th person to like this status – I will say I’m in a relationship with you for a week!

Whoever is the first person to like this status I will put their first name as my middle name on facebook for 7 days! Post this as your status and see who you get!

If you saw me in 9 years time, wearing a wedding ring, who would you think i’d be married to? set this as your status and see who you get! :)

Like this status and I’ll tell you my 1st impression of you!


Chain Message Games To Post On Your Facebook Friend’s Walls


Facebook Friend Appreciation! If you appreciate your facebook friends for all the help and the support they give you, then let them know by posting this on your wall. I truly do appreciate my friends! Without each of you, this wouldn’t be nearly as much fun! I have AWESOME friends, and I want them to know it. Thanks a lot, everyone!

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love YOU! Send this to all of your friends even the one who sent you this, and if you receive 10 or more, you are loved. :)

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Comments 14

  1. Like this status & i’ll post on your wall, being honest:
    1. Real or Fake
    2. Nice or Mean
    3. Hug or Kiss
    4. Cute or Ugly
    ……5. Friend or Stranger
    6. Smash or Pass
    7. First Impression
    8. Rate 1-10 –
    9. Do I Think You’re Cute ?
    10. Are You A Good Friend ?
    11. What Do I Think About You ?
    12. Can You Dress ?
    13. Would I Ever Date You ?
    14. You & Me Should ?

  2. If you wanna kiss me “Like” this status. If you love me put a Heart. If I’m your friend put a Smiley Face :). If you Hate me put an Angry Face :@. If I’ve upset you put a sad face :(

  3. Put this as your status and see what colors you get! :)
    white – precious
    black – kind
    gray – sweet
    turquoise – caring
    …silver – lovable
    gold – fun
    yellow – beautiful
    blue – pretty
    crimson – gorgeous
    rose – outgoing
    fuchsia – want 2B with you
    apricot – never wanna see U again.
    aqua – were close
    tangerine – i dont know you
    violet – who are you again
    lavender – wonderful
    red – you always smell nice
    lime – great imagination
    pale – I can’t get you off my mind
    burgundy – i love you
    tan – i need you

  4. I wanted to know if you could make a chain for girlfriends that love their firemen. I haven’t been able to find any expect for poem for Firemen’s wives and I’m just his girlfriend as of now. But if you could make one up for me it would make my day thanks so much

  5. Like & I’ll post my favorite picture of you and say:
    Your name:
    My type or not:
    Best feature:

  6. Pick the month you were born:
    January——-I kicked
    February——I loved
    March———-I karate chopped
    April————I licked
    May————I jumped on
    June———–I smelled
    July————I did the Macarena With
    August——–I had lunch with
    September—-I danced with
    October——-I sang to
    November—–I yelled at
    December—–I ran over

    Pick the day (number) you were born on:
    1——-a birdbath
    2——-a monster
    3——-a phone
    4——-a fork
    5——-a snowman
    6——-a gangster
    7——-my mobile phone
    8——-my dog
    9——-my best friends` boyfriend
    10——-my neighbour
    11——-my science teacher
    12——-a banana
    13——-a fireman
    14——-a stuffed animal
    15——-a goat
    16——-a pickle
    17——-your mom
    18——-a spoon
    19——- a smurf
    20——-a baseball bat
    21——-a ninja
    22——-Chuck Norris
    23——-a noodle
    24——-a squirrel
    25——-a football player
    26——-my sister
    27——-my brother
    28——-an iPod
    29——-a surfer
    30——-a homeless guy
    31——-a llama

    What is the last number of the year you were born:
    1——— In my car
    2 ——— On your car
    3 ——— In a hole
    4 ——— Under your bed
    5 ——— Riding a Motorcycle
    6 ——— sliding down a hill
    7 ——— in an elevator
    8———- at the dinner table
    9 ——– In line at the bank
    0 ——– in your bathroom

    Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:
    White———because I`m cool like that
    Black———because that`s how I roll.
    Pink———–because I`m NOT crazy.
    Red———–because the voices told me to.
    Blue———–because I`m sexy and I do what I want
    Green———because I think I need some serious help.
    Purple———because I`m AWESOME!
    Gray———-because Big Bird said to and he`s my leader.
    Yellow———because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
    Orange——–because my family thinks I`m stupid anyway.
    Brown———because I can.
    Other———-because I`m a Ninja!
    None———-because I can`t control myself!

    Comment what you got !!

  7. mine:

    I had lunch with a snowman at a diner table because big bird told me to and he’s my leader :P

    my bf’s:

    He kicked a llama inn line for the bank because the voices told him to…

  8. Rateee .?

    Grade .?

    Cute Or Ugly .?

    Swagg Or Bag .?

    Approved Or Declined .?

    Nice Or Mean .?

    Kiss Or Diss .?

    One Word .?

    Me Aand Youu .?

    : : Likeee : :

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Facebook Status Games & Facebook Chain Wall Post Games

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