Here are some funny status update ideas about having no money and being broke. If you’re broke and need money then try using one of these sarcastic funny face book status ideas. They will make your fb friends look and lol. Then your facebook friends will comment and like your status.

will update her Facebook status for money!

is so broke that she’s going to KFC to lick other peoples fingers.

is so poor that she got married for the rice.

can’t even afford the last letter to update her statu_!

is so broke that she went to the bank for a loan and they asked for their calender back.

is so poor that she can’t even afford to pay attention.

is so broke that she had to eat her cereal with a fork to save on milk.

is so poor she can’t even give you her two cents!

is so broke that she can’t afford to be wrong.

wonders if she qualifies for a government bailout package?

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