Here are some great, fun-to-play status update games for Facebook. Each status chain game has a theme like ‘you’re living in a castle’ and you have to choose a friend as each of the people in the ‘castle’. You choose a friend by tagging them next to the description you think they are most like. Tag a friend by typing an ‘@’ then their name. Just copy and paste the game you want to play to your Facebook status. You’ll be sure to get loads of likes on your status when you play these games!

The Royal Facebook Status Tagging Friends Game

You live in a castle. Tag 9 of your friends:
The Queen:
The King:
The Butler:
The Prince:
The Princess:
The 2 maids:
The 2 gardeners:

The Nursing Home Status Tagging Friends Funny Status Game

You’re old and in a nursing home. Tag 8 of your friends:
1. Old naked man wearing nothing but a dusty old robe:
2. Old man/woman who drools all over themselves:
3. Old lady with too much make-up:
4. Angry old man who always complains:
5. Old lady with a dusty tilted wig:
6. Old man who says, “Pull my finger”:
7. Crazy WW2 old man who is your roommate:
8. Old lady who moans about young people:

The Stereotype Facebook Friends Status Game

The Facebook stereotype friend game. Tag 8 of your Facebook friends:
1. The status stalker:
2. The ‘Add Me’ fiend:
3. The constant status updater:
4. The ‘like’ random page addict:
5. The constant gamer:
6. The one that’s never on Facebook:
7. The picture stalker:
8. The silent user:

The Harry Potter Facebook Status Tagging Friends Game

You’re at Hogwarts in Harry Potter. Tag 8 of your Facebook friends:
1st two friends are your loveable sidekicks:
2nd person is your Slytherin enemy:
3rd person is the Dark Lord:
4th person is a follower of the Dark Lord:
5th person is your white-bearded mentor:
6th person is your owl:
7th person is the potions master:

The Secrets About Me Status Liking Game

For each like I get, I’ll answer a question.
1 like = Who do I want to like this status?
2 likes = Who do I trust most that liked this status?
3 likes = Who would I date that liked this status?
4 likes = Who would I jump in front of a bullet for that liked this status?
5 likes = Who would I text that liked this status?
6 likes = Who am I closest to that liked this status?
7 likes = Who do I miss that liked this status?
8 likes = Who do I like the most that liked this status?

The Road Trip Facebook Status Chain Tag Game

We’re on a road trip! Tag 5 of your Facebook friends:
The driver:
The one who needs to stop for the toilet every 2 miles:
The one who gets carsick:
The one who comes prepared with the snacks:
The one who sings the ‘car songs’:
The one that says “ARE WE THERE YET?!” every 5 minutes:

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