Post one of these funny status updates on your facebook page on April Fools Day and make your friends laugh! On April Fools day there will be loads of silly status ideas on facebook, lots of your fb friends will be trying to fool each other with fake status updates. If you want to post a more witty, clever and funny status, try one of these. Maybe you’ll get an idea for a funny status update from these ones.

April Fools Day: the one day where every girl is pregnant.

wants to remind everyone to poke holes in your cat before you put it in the microwave.

is quitting drinking today… April Fools!

is on watch for any high jinks, horseplay and/or shenanigans today. Don’t even think about it.

is not taking any “serious” Facebook status updates seriously today.

Facebook + April Fools Day = should be interesting.

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.

has been caught violating parole again… may not be able to update Facebook status for a while

won $750,000 on a scratchcard last night, no more work for me!!!!

you can’t fool a fool!

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