Recently a lot of funny pages and groups have appeared on facebook about nan’s. All the facebook like pages have a funny title about a nan doing something funny or a nan being rude & stupid. Here are some of the best and funniest nan facebook pages to like.

Click on any of the funny facebook pages to visit the page and like it:

“This is Bullshit!” nan calm down its just a game of chess

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up. Nan sit the fuck down

“Long time no see bitches!” Nan shutup were at the police station

“Suck my dick!” nan settle down were at Bingo

“Wanna hit on some off this weed?” Nan Please Shes 4

“Everyday I’m Shuffling!” Nan Please Just Deal The Cards

“Who’s this little slut?” Nan thats your grandaughter

Brb nan wants me to take a pic of her planking

“Get the fuck out of my face!” Nan calm down this is a 3D movie

No Nan you cant have another Jager Bomb!

“I feel like money!” calm down nan your only collecting your pension

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