New Fun Facebook Status Games & Chains To Play

Looking for the newest fun status games to play on Facebook? We’ve got them! Here are the most popular new status chain games to play with your friends on your Facebook. There are some ‘like my status’ update games or some longer status chain messages like the eye test, the alphabet status game and a status game that asks your friends what they would do if you snuck into their room. These status games are all super fun to play on facebook. Just copy and paste the one you want over to your Facebook status update.

Like this status if you’re addicted to someone ;)

Like my status if you’ve also closed the fridge door really slow, just to see when the light turned off.

Like my status if you want to stay on my friends list

Like this status and I’ll say the first word that comes to my mind when I hear your name

Find the small letter i:
Find the letter M:
Find what is wrong:
After the countdown make a wish:
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 – Now wish

Post me a comment with one of these letters then repost this as your status and see what you get!
A = I like you
B = I have a secret to tell you
C = I like you but I’m shy
D = You’re cute
E = I regret leaving you
F = I want a relationship with you
G = I’m falling for you
H = Hug me next time you see me
I = I want to kiss you
K = Lets talk more
L = I want to see you more
M = Facebook marry me
N = Text me now
O = I have a crush on you
P = We’re best friends

If I snuck into your room what would you do?
1: Kick you out
2: Slap you
3: Yell
4: Chill
5: Talk
6: Watch movies
7: Draw on your face
8: Take pictures
9: Order us some food
10: Let you sleepover

Have you got a cool status update game that you play on Facebook? Leave a comment and share it with us!

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Comments 5

  1. ilove diz website, reminds me of facebook!!! which is the twin website for this website.. <3 <3<3 LMFAO

  2. L i k e(:
    It’s winter, I would:
    [] Go ice skating with you.
    [] Stay in and watch movies with you.
    [] Nothing
    [] Have a snowball fight.

    I would:
    [] Go out with you.
    [] Hang out with you.
    [] Hug you.
    [] Punch you
    [] Nothing

    You’re my:
    [] Best friend.
    [] Brother/ Sister.
    [] Good Friend.
    [] Everything.
    [] Friend.
    [] Nothing
    [] Ex.
    [] FB friend

    You are:
    [] Pretty.
    [] Gorgeous.
    [] Cute.
    [] Alright.
    [] Amazing.
    [] Nice Looking
    [] beautiful.
    [] Ewwww.
    [] I dunno…

    You should:
    [] Write on my wall.
    [] Talk to me more.
    [] Chill with Me.
    [] message me on facebook
    [] text me.
    [] Message me your number (:
    [] put this on your status so i can like it(:

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New Fun Facebook Status Games & Chains To Play

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