Here’s the latest craze to hit Facebook. Status Tagging Games.

Status update tagging games are really fun to play on Facebook if you’re bored at work, school or home. Each tagging game has a different theme like a house party or a horror movie. To play a status tagging game, you need to copy and paste the one you want to play to a new status. Before you post the status, you have to tag one of your friends as each of the people in the game. To tag a friend next to a person in the game, write the @ sign and choose or search for a friend.

The Mental Hospital Status Tagging Game

You’re in a mental hospital. Tag 6 of your Facebook friends:
1. Person who drove you crazy:
2. Person who signed you in:
3. Your doctor:
4. Person in the corner drooling on themselves:
5. Your roommate:
6. Person who helps you break out:

The House Party Status Tagging Game

You have a house party. Tag 8 of your Facebook friends:
1st person crashed the party:
2nd person way too drunk:
3rd person took their clothes off:
4th person started a fight:
5th person stole your car:
6th person passed out:
7th person kissed a grenade:
8th person stalked you all night long:

The Strip Club Status Tagging Game

You are at a strip club. Tag 8 of your Facebook friends:
The pole dancer:
Person who tries to get you drunk:
Your wing man/woman:
Hottest person in the room:
Drunk person in the corner:
Person that gets arrested:
Person sitting back laughing:
The bouncer:

The Horror Movie Status Tagging Game

You are in a horror movie. Tag 6 of your Facebook friends:
First to die:
The person who runs up stairs instead of out the door:
The accomplice:
The one who hides in the closet:
The one who saves everyone:
The killer:

The Superhero Status Tagging Game

You are a superhero. Tag 5 of your Facebook friends:
1st your sidekick:
2nd tries to expose your secret identity:
3rd your teammate:
4th your arch nemesis:
5th your love interest:

The Zombie Status Tagging Game

You’re trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Tag 8 of your Facebook friends:
Your side kick:
The one who brings big weapons:
The idiot that survives:
The one with the sniper:
The one that loses it:
The one with the plan:
The first to die:

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