Here are the newest status games and wall post chains to post and play on facebook. All you have to do to play any of the status games is copy and paste the status you want to your facebook and post it. Your friends will like and comment on your status to play the game. You can also copy and paste the wall post chains to your friends walls.

If you’ve seen some other status games or made some up yourself, post a comment and share it!

You are considered as one of the LOVELIEST woman on Facebook. Once you’ve been selected you must chose 15 of the most BEAUTIFUL ladies in your contact list to send this to. If you are awarded this distinction more than once, then you will know that you are EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful! Post this to the wall’s of 15 of the most beautiful ladies you know.

Secret Crush Numbers Game: Inbox me a number. 1:You’re so hot. 2:You’re fit. 3:You’re beautiful. 4:We’re good friends. 5:I wanna get to know you better. 6:I fancy you. 7:I wanna kiss you and hold you. 8:I wish you were mine. 9:I want a 2nd chance. 10:I hate you

You & I should ______ before 2010 ends. Post this as your status and see what answers you get!

Remember what Christmas was like when you were a kid? Post your favorite childhood Christmas memory below.

If you think I’m cute, like this status. If you love me put a ♥, If I’m a good friend then put a :) , If I’m your best friend put a :D , If you have a crush on me put a xD , If you don’t like me put a :( , If you hate me put a X( If you are brave enough post this as your status and see what people think about you.

Like this status and I’ll take a pic holding a piece of paper with your name on it and upload it to my facebook

Like my status and I’ll rate your default profile picture out of 10 for looks

3 People like this status and I’ll post 3 comments with what I think about each person, without revealing which comment is about who!

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