Here are some super fun status tagging games that you can play on your facebook. All you have to do is copy and paste the tagging game you want to play to your facebook status. Then after each of the different characters, you need to tag one of your friends. You do this by typing the @ sign and then choosing a friend to tag.

Harry Potter Status Tagging Game

1st two people are your loveable sidekicks:
2nd person is your Slytherin enemy:
3rd person is the Dark Lord:
4th person is a follower of the Dark Lord:
5th person is your white-bearded mentor:
6th person is your owl:
7th person is the potions master:

Road Trip Status Tagging Game

1. The Driver:
2. The one who keeps wanting to stop for the toilet:
3. The one who is first to fall asleep:
4. The one who won’t stop talking:
5. The one who moves around a lot:
6. The one who gets shotgun:

The 7 Dwarfs Status Tagging Game


Horror Movie Status Tagging Game

The Dumb Blonde:
The one who is always cussing:
The brave one with a plan for survival:
The smart one who grabs a weapon:
The random one who gets involved:
The one who dies a terrible yet completely outrageous death:
The one who goes insane:
The one who gets murdered trying to save us:
The killer:

The House Party Status Tagging Game

1st Crashes the party:
2nd Gets too drunk:
3rd Gets arrested:
4th Starts a Fight:
5th Jumps in the pool naked:
6th Leaves early:
7th Passes out
8th Vomits:
9th Strips:
10th Doesn’t want to Leave:

Have you made up a fun status tagging game? Or have you seen a really cool one? Leave a comment and share it with us!

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