New Like My Status Games & Chains For Facebook

Here are the newest status update games and chains for you to post and play on facebook. There are some really interesting, clever and fun status games that will definitely get likes. There are also lots of the ‘like my status’ and ‘like this status’ games that you can play with your friends on facebook. These are the newest facebook status games for 2011 and you can copy and paste any of them to your facebook profile.

Let’s see how creative my Facebook friends are… leave me a 1 word comment that best describes me using the THIRD letter of YOUR First Name… It can only be 1 word… then copy and paste this to your status, so I can leave a word about you.

Like my status and I’ll tell you what’s your best feature.

Have I ever had a crush on you? Like this and I’ll inbox you if I’ve ever had a crush on you.

Would I date you? Like this and i’ll poke you if I’d date you.

Should we hang? Like this if you wanna hang out some time.

Should we txt? Like this and I’ll inbox you my number.

Like this status and I’ll give you a random nickname.

If you saw me in 9 years time, wearing a wedding ring, who would you think i’d be married to?

Pick any number(s) of what you think about me – comment it. 1: Sexy. 2: Best friend. 3: Funny. 4: Go jump off a cliff.

Like this status and ill say the first word that comes to my mind when i hear your name <3

‘Like my status if you want to stay on my friends list’

LIKE my status if you’ve also closed the fridge door really slow, just to see when the light turned off.

Like this status if you’re addicted to someone ;)

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Comments 163

  1. Lms for Based on your looks:
    (Doin all I promise) ♥ :)

  2. Like ;p Inboxed ..
    Are you cute :
    Can you dress :
    Should we chill someday :
    Would I give you my number :
    Would I marry you on facebook :
    Do I love or like you :
    Would I kiss you :
    Wat would I rate you1-10 :

  3. #stolen :)
    -January ♥ : Tbhhh ?
    – February ♥ : Rate ?
    – March ♥ : We should ?
    – April ♥ : Do I love you ?
    – May ♥ : letter ?
    – June ♥ : Smash or pass ?
    – July ♥ : Like and Dislike ? –
    August ♥ : Best Feature ? –
    September♥ : I love your ?
    – October : Wallpost ?
    – November♥ : Confession ?
    – December♥ : best feature ? ♥

  4. Dear______ , ♡
    You have a Cute ______
    If we were in A room together i’d ______
    Me nd u Should ______
    If you Kissed me i’d ______

  5. LMS
    1st person to like- Pick my profile picture for 1 week
    2nd person to like- Answer any question you have for 2 days
    3rd person to like- I will change my last name to yours for 2 days
    4th person to like- Will get to pick my next status
    *START LIKING IT UP!!!* <3

  6. Bestest Friend Award :
    Prettiest Eyes Award :
    ………………Best Smile Award :
    Funniest Friend Award :
    Shortest Friend Award :
    Tallest Friend Award :
    Cutest Couple Award :
    Newest Friend Award :

  7. 15+ LIKES ! C: ^.^
    ☝ – How tall are you?
    ✔ – Sexual Orientation:
    ♨ – Do you Smoke?
    ☟ – Do you Drink?
    ✖ – Age you get mistaken for:
    ☆ – Have Tattoos?
    ☯ – Got any Piercings?
    ♧ – Best friend?
    ♥ – Relationship status:
    ☹ – Biggest pet peeve?
    ☄ – I wish…
    ® – Favorite foods?
    ☀ – Story about your day.
    ♕ – real age:
    ♔ – Top 5 favorite movies?
    ☮ – Top 5 favorite TV shows?
    ✏ – Random fact about yourself.

  8. like and i’ll inbox you.

    you are:
    [] 10% – eww!
    [] 20% – gross
    [] 30% – errr
    [] 40% – okay
    [] 50% – not bad
    [] 60% – you’re alright
    [] 70% – you’re pretty/cute
    [] 80% – you’re a hottie!
    [] 90% – damn!
    [] 95% – beautiful
    [] 100% – everything to me!

    you are:
    [] a friend
    [] a good friend
    [] a best friend
    [] everything to me!

    would i date you?
    [] yes
    [] no
    [] maybe
    [] don’t know

    if you stayed the night:
    [] i’d give up half the bed
    [] make you sleep on the floor
    [] kick you out!
    [] make you sleep in another room

    if you kissed me i’d:
    [] laugh
    [] be in shock
    [] do nothing
    [] smile
    [] kiss you back
    [] i don’t know
    [] stare at you
    [] punch you
    [] giggle

    you should:
    [] give me your number
    [] text me
    [] inbox me
    [] come see me
    [] put this as your status

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New Like My Status Games & Chains For Facebook

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