If you’re looking for facebook status games and status update chains that lots of people will like and comment on, try some of these ones! There are some daring status games, funny status chains to copy and paste, revealing status update games and some wall post games & chains! All you have to do is choose the game or chain you want to play and copy and paste it to your facebook. Its really fun to play status games and chains on facebook if you’re bored. You’ll be sure to get loads of likes and comments with these new statuses!

The Like, Dislike & Confession game: Like this status and I will message you something I like and dislike about you and tell you a confession.

Like this status and I will describe you with words for each letter of your name.

Like my status and I’ll tell you what I love, miss and hate about you.

If 20 people like my status I will change my name to ‘Facebook Whore’ for a whole week.

Like my status and I’ll inbox you a secret.

Facebook Rate Game: Rate out of 10 for looks, the person who has commented on this status above you.

Poke me now if you’ve ever had a crush on me (even a little one!)

The 1st person to like this status will be my first name on facebook. The 2nd person to like this status will be my middle name and the 3rd person to like this status will be my last name for a week on facebook!

Copy and post this as your facebook status and see what people rate you. (1) crazy. (2) wish we went out. (3) talkative. (4) sarcastic. (5) lovable. (6) sexy. (7) strong. (8)dumb. (9) spoiled. (10) mouthy. (11) wild. (12) goofy. (13) funny. (14) awesome. (15) amazing. (16) beautiful. (17) cute. (18) drama queen.(19) best friend.

First person to like this status – I will put your profile picture as my profile picture for 24 hours!

Like this status if you think I’m a good friend. Write a comment of your favorite memory with me. Poke me if you want to hang out soon.

Like this status and I will fill in this story about you on your wall: Dear_____, you have a cute____. You make
me_____. You should be_____. You and I should____. I think you are____. Love,____

If you have ever seen me drunk like this status. If I get more than 10 then I’m a pisshead and need help. Post this as your status to see how much of a pisshead you are!

The LIKE and DISKLIKE game: Write one thing you like about me and one thing you dislike about me.

The LOVE, HATE, RATE game: Write one thing you love about me, one thing you hate about me and then rate me out of 10.

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