Popular Facebook Status Games & Chains To Play

Here is how to play some of the fun & funny status update games which are currently going round on Facebook.

The Girls Secret Facebook Status Game

Copy and paste the below and send it as a message to all your female friends. Then post the drinks that apply to you as a status update. For example you might post just the word “Tequila” as a status update or you might post “Tequila and Rum” as a status update. The guys on your Facebook won’t have any idea what this means and it will make them all confused!

Tequila: I’m a single woman
Rum: I’m a woman who likes to have one night stands
Champagne: I’m an engaged woman
Red Bull: I’m a woman in a relationship
Beer: I’m a married woman
Vodka: I’m a woman looking to hook up
Sprite: I’m a woman who can’t find the right man
Whiskey: I’m a single woman who loves to party
Liquor: I’m a woman who wishes she was single
Gin: I’m a woman who wants to get married

The Guys Secret Facebook Status Game

What part of a girl attracts you the most? Post your favourite part of a girl as a status. For example, if your favourite part was legs, you would write ‘Pear’ as a status.

Face ——- Apple
Hair —— Mellon
Boobs —— Banana
Butt ——–Strawberry
Legs  —— Pear
Lips —— Lemon
Eyes ——– Peach
Hands —— Orange
Belly Button —– Kiwi

The Strip Club Facebook Friends Status Game

You’re alone at a strip club. Go to your profile and look at the first 7 friends on the left hand side. Write one as each of the following:
The pole dancer:
Person who tries to get you drunk:
Your wing man/woman:
Hottest person in the room:
Drunk person in the corner:
Person that gets arrested:

The House Party Facebook Friends Status Game

Look at your profile and use the 10 friends on the left. I threw a party. Here’s what happened:
The person who crashed the party:
Person who got drunk:
Person who called the cops:
Person who started a fight:
Person who jumped in pool naked:
Person who left early:
Person who passed out:
Person who kissed the dog:
The person who wouldn’t leave:
The one who peed in the sink:

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  1. Here’s a few more..

    It’s the Left hand side, friends list.
    & see what the future holds for them.

    4`ace Poker Star:
    Kinky Porn Star:
    tricky Homeless Bum:
    High Life Multi-Millionaire:
    Underground Drug Lord:
    Person w/ 15 Kids:
    Crazy Custodian:
    Freaky Nurse:
    Sexy School Teacher:

    so, you’re getting married!
    Go to your profile and look at your friends on the left side of your wall, no cheating!

    Person you marry:
    Best man:
    Maid of honor:
    Person who tries to stop you:
    The priest:
    Eats all the wedding cake:
    Person who gets really hammered & dances with everyone:

    Go to your Profile, look to your left.
    First 7 friends are in the order they come.
    No cheating!!

    ___: is horny as hell
    ___: masturbated 3x today
    ___: can’t live without sex
    ___: doesn’t care about it much
    ___: is a nympho
    ___: doesn’t get any
    ___: watches porn every day

    Lol… have fun anyway!
    try not to them all at once.

  2. Here are some more…

    Jeff MacLeod

    Its the zombie apocalypse!! Check your first 10.
    1. The first person to tell you…
    2. The first person you rescue…
    3. The only one with a working car…
    4. The first zombie you recognize…
    5. The first zombie you have to shoot in the head…
    6. The first of your survivors to get bitten…
    7. The one who gets swarmed by zombies…
    8. The one who finally bites you…
    9. The first one you bite…
    10. The person who finally shoots you in the head…

    Cast of THE HANGOVER!!!..you know the rules, the first 7 friends:

    Idiot who’s missing:
    Naked in the Trunk:
    Married to a Prostitute:
    … Got arrested:
    Lost a Tooth:
    Stole a Tiger:
    Who drugged you all :

  3. LOOK to your profile on the left, and fill in the appropriate blanks. NO CHEATING!!!
    A. 1st Person:
    B. 2nd Person:
    C. Next-To-Last Person:
    D. Last Person:


    One word to describe each:

    Should Repost This Status:
    Best Couple:
    Worst Couple:

  4. – Comment your birthday & ill do what it says. (:
    January : Rate
    Febuary : Tbh.;
    March : Confesion
    April : Best Feauture
    May : Letter♥
    June : best memory
    July : something i have always wanted to tell you
    August : describe you in one word
    September : inbox you something ive always wanted to tell you
    October : first impresion
    November : Tell you if i like you or not
    December : Tell you what i like about you

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Popular Facebook Status Games & Chains To Play

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