The I’m Craving Secret Status Game On Facebook

This status game has become very popular recently and is spreading quickly through Facebook. You may have seen a status update like ‘I’m 2 weeks and I’m craving Dairy Milk’. It’s a secret status game for girls to play and here is how to play the game.

Use your birthday to find your status in this game. The first part is the month you were born. The second part is the day you were born. For example if your birthday is 6th of October you would write: ‘I’m 14 weeks and I’m craving Crunchie.’


  • Jan – 2 weeks
  • Feb – 3 weeks
  • March – 4 weeks
  • April – 5 weeks
  • May – 6 weeks
  • June – 8 weeks
  • July – 10 weeks
  • August – 12 weeks
  • September – 13 weeks
  • October – 14 weeks
  • November – 16 weeks
  • December – 18 weeks


  1. Skittles
  2. Starburst
  3. Kit Kat
  4. M&M’s
  5. Galaxy
  6. Crunchie
  7. Dairy Milk
  8. Lollipop
  9. Marshmallows
  10. Malteasers
  11. Twirl
  12. Kinda Bueno
  13. Boost bar
  14. Dime bar
  15. Lion bar
  16. Wispa
  17. Fudge
  18. Freddo
  19. Milkyway
  20. Milky bar
  21. Creme egg
  22. Skittles
  23. Fruitellas
  24. Haribo
  25. Fruit pastels
  26. Starburst
  27. Mini eggs
  28. Kit kat chunkie
  29. Wines gums
  30. Smarties
  31. Snickers

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Comments 25

  1. The “weeks and counting” game that’s sweeping women’s wall posts on Facebook and “supposedly” raising Breast Cancer Awareness has to stop. No good change can come while making jokes about the sensitive subject of pregnancy. Every year, 3.3 million babies are born dead — so-called stillbirths — according to the World Health Organization. There are many who also can’t have children.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    Both of you people (He who posted and he how commented) are SUCH idiots.
    It IS about breast cancer.
    And if your so worried about still-borns and playing this game is so called “no good”, think about the thousands of women who have BREAST CANCER.
    THERE lives are at stake and your saying supporting it his “No good”????
    You can go to hell.

  3. I have breast cancer. How is this idiotic game supporting me? It’s not. If you want to make a real difference try raising money for breast cancer (or any cancer for that matter) research. THAT will make a difference. THAT is supportive.
    So um, yeah, this game….NO GOOD.

  4. what nonsense! How is posting childish nonsense like this “supporting” anything? Do my dishes!!!! Now THAT would be some support I could use…

  5. for the perso n above, something my sister posted which is true and relevant:
    “Telling the world your shoe size does not stop breast cancer. Reminding people to check themselves for lumps does.
    If you are going to try to raise awareness of cancer why limit to just women; that’s just sexist. Men can get breast cancer too, bet you didn’t know that.
    What about prostate cancer, with a higher death rate? Which guys should check regularly for. It receives so much little funding compared to breast cancer.
    Whoever you are check your boobs/moobs/balls!
    Re-post if you agree!”

  6. This game really makes no sense since it focuses solely on a birthday and not very many people even know what it supposed to support. I don’t really see how making everyone who can see your fb status think you are pregnant and craving random foods is raising awareness about cancer.

    To the poster who says check your boobs/moobs/balls, just an FYI prostate cancer does not occur in the balls, that’s testicular cancer…might want to educate yourself

  7. OMG! this is so cool..but it got me confuse at first!! thankss youu soo much<33 *

  8. well pregnancy or say lactation prevents Breast Cancer… Breast cancer is 2nd most common cancer in the wrld.. n leadin cancer among frmales… thats y i guess…

  9. I think those who are upset or offended by these games are very short sighted.

    No, it does not raise money for breast cancer and it doesn’t explain how to check for lumps. What it does do is engage the whole female community in remembering that breast cancer exists.

    For example a 13 year old girl might not listen to the facts told to her in a science class but she probably will engage in a silly facebook game, then she might Google, and then shd will find some potentially life saving information.

    A busy professional might forget to check herself for lumps because cancer doesn’t run in her family but then all her friends suddenly being pregnant catches her attention and tIat two minutes devoted to facebook is actually spent doing a simple self check…

    Don’t knock something so simple just because you can’t see an immediate outcome.

  10. The reason this raises awareness is because it CATCHES ATTENTION.

    If you posted “Be aware of breast cancer” nobody would even be interested. But, if they think you’re pregnant, it peaks their interest and you tell them WHAT the status is about.

    Status update “I’m six weeks and craving a lollipop!”

    Random friend comment “WHAT!? Why didn’t you tell me you’re pregnant!!!”

    Your response “Because I’m not, I’m checking myself for breast cancer”

    Friends response “Oh, you scared me!”

    Your response “Good, breast cancer should scare you, go get checked out!”

    Friends response “That is a great idea!”

  11. I agree with Rachel. We sit here, taking time out of our day, sitting here, trying to write a status about your condition to show we CARE. We take time to show you that we want to help, and we see that you are in much pain. And what, your gonna bitch and complain?? We trying to help you feel better by raising awarness and help other’s to help you!!! But hey, you know what, we WILL stop playing these “nonsense games”, so that you can get what you want. Hey, why were at it, why dont we stop joining the groups on Facebook? Why not stop fundraising for you guys? Why dont we not visit our friends and family in the hospital? You want us to stop showing how much we care, why dont we? Its what you want…

  12. what exactly does this status game (for breast cancer awarness) have to do with stillborns?

  13. I agree with AbbyM, still borns are totally diff. and if anyone else wants to start something for still borns, then cool.

  14. ok im just sayin… Shut the Crap up!! its just a silly game some idiot with too much time on her hands made up!! stop getting so worked up about! u would think they were posting “Kill Children! Get abortion” or “Breast cancer awareness sucks Balls!!” which u could get worked up over( which on the record i am prolife and help in breast cancer awareness and sorry if u take offense), but they arent! they r playing a meaningless game!!

  15. settle down its just a status people have the way of supporting others showing that they care

  16. its to raise awareness…ppl read it and think about it…raise money.. im sure many ppl do. its about showing respect and thought and to look on the bright side of life if ppl were just morbid about cancer then how could you just get through it..lets sit in a dark room and not mention it. my mum died of cancer, she was only 40 with a 2 year old grandson and still up to the day she passed away not once was she bitter, and ive put this on my status as a mark of respect as it reminds you to check yourself…same as men growing a tash..with a cheeky spec of humour. ppl need to get a grip..keep your energy and mentality for something else if it offends the fact that ppl care and think enough to do put a status..thought it was the little things that matter…or the thought that counts..obv not!

  17. All you people getting mad about this not supporting breast cancer… where in the description does it even say that it is to help raise awareness on breast cancer> i did it so i could get people asking about me being prego its more like a facebook prank then anything!!

  18. When you get this as a message on Facebook it talks about raising awarness for breasr cancer and it’s obvious it does. Duh.

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The I’m Craving Secret Status Game On Facebook

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